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Claire Stone

Claire is a down to earth woman sharing her Psychic and Angelic gifts! Claire shares how connecting to the Angels helped her breakthrough a breakdown. Allow Claire to guide you through a beautiful meditation helping you to connect to the Angels; hear her take on masculine and feminine energies; Plus how we are all psychic and how we can tap into that wisdom! 


Rohma Theunissen

Rohma has a heart of gold and experienced a HUGE life changing event. She shares how her high expectations and chasing success made her unhappy, how she overcame a haemorrhage stroke and how she has broken through the patriarchal ways of being to earn more,  doing less.


Brittney Hiller

Brittney, the epitome of joy! Enjoy this interview as Brittney shares the importance of a healthy body to reduce stress and how journalling brings clarity. We talk A LOT about manifesting - the good and the bad! And how her house literally burning down made her rebuild her life and re-commit to her relationship.



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Enjoyed the interviews from today? I would love to know what you think and what your fav take outs were! Email me with your your thoughts or contact me over on Instagram @mariee.walsh or Facebook!