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Harriette Jackson

Harriette will light you up as shares her absolute magic on HER topic; MONEY consciousness. She will help shift your views around what money really is; including the masculine and feminine around money! Harriette also openly discusses how she is healing the toxic masculine; how she reclaimed her love for music; the importance of choosing faith; and how she went from the hustle to doing it HER way.



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Charli K Matthews

Charli K shares what it's like being a woman in a very masculine and male dominated industry. She shares how a car accident MADE her slow down and realise what was really important.  She talks about the importance of emotional awareness and intelligence in the workplace; the menstrual cycle and associated challenges a woman faces with that in industry; and how she shifted from 8-5pm to bring more joy.



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Rachael Te Wano

Rachael shares a little with us about the Akashic records; the power of menstrual cycle and shares advice on how YOU can connect to your womb. She shares how working with a moon (menstrual) cup can be life changing and how it can bring you closer to the Divine Feminine pulse. Racheal talks about honouring both the masculine and feminine within and how that can affect the collective consciousness.



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